If sometime company growth depend on it definitely I will tell a lie.

Raja Naik T:

Sir, I normally don't prefer to lie, but if my company insists me for the welfare of the company, I will surely lie.


Sir, as I know from my childhood that any lie doesn't hide for more time so I will try to manage the things without lying.


In my opinion, we should not tell lie whether it is beneficial for our company or not.

Beacause lie gives us satisfaction for some time but if we will tell the truth then it harms for a couple of time but it will be benifial for a lifetime.


I will lie ones for the company welfare, but it should not hurt others.


Yes. If it does not break the work ethics, then I will.

Rituraj Singh:

I think if I will tell lie it means something is wrong with service or product or both. In that particular situation, I will try to remove the problem as far as possible but I never tell a lie because everything will disclose sooner or later and also the reputation of the company also lost. Thanks.

Mayank Sharma:

No, As If I tell lies for the company it is cheating from the customer and also if I lie and get caught it also creates a bad impact on a company.

Shivali Sharma:

No sir, I wouldn't lie for the company, because if I can lie for the company then I can lie to the company.


It would not be good for the company if the lie is discovered by the customer in the future. Therefore, I would refrain myself from lying.

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