Toughest decision I have made as a team lead is when I need someone to let go. We need to reduce our team member due to budget issues company was facing. It was very hard for me to figure out to whom I have to let go from my team since everyone was excellent and hardworking person.

Manoj Kumar:

I was interested in software field. But I can placed in one telecom company and I can join that company that is my toughest decision.


Me being a girl (for society) it was very tough to step out not just from my city but from my state to join VIT university, nearly 1000 KM away from my city, and that to pursue my passion, mechanical engineering. Everyone around me told not to join this stream, as its not girl's stream. Somewhere, I was also convinced but then I decided to listen to my heart and right now I feel proud about it.


Toughest decision In my life is choosing a good friend. It's important to choose which life you want a good one or a bad and good friend will lead you in a good life.

Arya Tiwari:

When I live without my parent for study. I thought that was the toughest decision because I love my mom very much. And I can't live her. And it takes near about 2 to 3 day to overcome with this situation.

Suvesh Patil:

My toughest decision is to choose my carrier job.

Komal Walia:

The toughest decision for me was while choosing my stream after 10th as have I interest in both medical and commerce.


All the subject and course decisions are faced by everyone and at every moment in life. I feel "Telling my dad about my girlfriend. " is just once and I did it.

Krishna Kant Singhal:

Sir, I think making a decision is not tough, tough is to move with the decision. I had made the toughest decision in my life that when I got selected in JEE mains and I got NIT Silchar college. My father told me that this college is around 3000 km far from this place, and ask are you ready to go there then after a long discussion I made a decision to come in NIT Silchar.

Kailash Chand Pandey:

Every person takes a tough decision in own life. But I take a tough decision in life, after 12th class.

My college was far from my home but I decided that I lived without a parent.

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