Saurabh Nair:

Wanted to be in computer science stream during my 11th and 12th. But our school, the only in our area, provided with biology-maths option (PCMB). Finally after completing my 12th, today I am M.Tech in computer science. Dream achieved.

Sachin Dwivedi:

Taking decisions are not tough. It occurs when we move from taking decisions by ourselves. So my toughest decision would take place when I have no faith in me.


I have made one toughest decision in my life by changing my medium of study from Tamil to English during higher secondary.

Vinaya Arun Sonavane:

My toughest decision was to go for Musical career or a Professional career.

As music won't give me regular earning but my heart was in it. However, for sake of the income I selected Profession.

Uttam Mahar:

Sir taking decision are not tough the tough is to move with that decision and at the same way one. It seems like an easy decision only.


Fortunately, my parents raised me in good environment and enough resources. So I've never been through such tough situations to take tough decisions.

Shashi Jaiswal:

I had a back paper in my first semester, after seeing the grade in my result I was so tensed that I decided to leave all other activities and study. Finally, I shoot my pointer to 7 from 5.

Amit Kumar Dwivedi:

Till now, I don't face to take the toughest decision. But in upcoming days I need to take a tough decision of my life that is marriage.

S Shalini:

Till now I ever experienced the toughest decision. But when the situation comes I will take the decision in such a way that it makes right.

Aditi Singh:

Toughest decision of almost all people is related to their career. Same is the case with me. When I passed my 12th std, I was really in the dilemma that whether I should do BCA or Engineering.

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