My strengths are hardworking and quick learning.

My weakness is that I trust easily and I have shortterm memory loss.

Mudassir Khan:

My strongest point is that I can learn form my atmosphere, and my weakness point is that I believe in people so easily.

Asha S:

The strengths I feel am a hard worker because of that only I got first class in 2nd PUC I am a quick learner then I am an honest I am Independent.

I open to learning new things from new place new person then I am adaptability because of that I can easily adapt any place any environment with any people I can handle my stress, I have a lot of patience and I am hard worker I don't show my weakness to anyone.

Sushama Desai:

My strength is I take work My very seriously And I am Good Communicator.

My weaknesses, I trusted people easily I want to make everyone happy.


Strength hardworker positive attitude and a quick learner.

Weakness is I am an emotional girl and not good in english speaking.

Ravi Kumar K.T.:

My strengths is I am good helping nature, good positive things,

My weaknesses is when I got angry I con't control the my actions.

Santoshi Teli:

My strength is discipline, positive attitude, always positive thinking, confidence and a hard worker.

My weakness is trusted people easily & I make everyone happy.

Mansi Parekh:

Strength is want to work hard, like to solve problem.

Weakness is I can't say no easily to anyone, and I am trying to overcome it.

Pravina Mestry:

My Strengths is I am a Quick learner and face any problem and situation. I am hard-worker and team-worker.

Altaf Ahmad:

My strengths is my family they always support me in all situation & my weakness is also my family because they always afraid for me & me also.

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