Mani Gopalam:

As I am a fresher, so I would like to learn knew things form you, and whatever you offer I would accept.


I have totally 5 years of work experience. I'm not expecting a huge hike. I'm expecting better than previous company salary that's it.

Gudivada Madhavi:

Well, I am a fresher and have attended a job interview for the first time. I expect salary as per the company's standards.


In my line of work, I know I bring a very specific set of skills to the table. I would expect no less than a 100% hike.

Souvik Banik:

As I'm a fresher I don't know about the salary so I expect as I work and give my 100% for the company thank you.

Ravi Teza:

As a fresher, I need a platform to get the expertise of my skills, salary is not a concern for me and I expect as per company norms to a fresher.


As per the company's policy, I would be agreeying with the terms and conditions. I would be more happy if I been payed equal amount of money to my work when I gives my best.


I will accept whatever you will provide me. I think you will offer me the amount that deserves to my talent.

Dheeraj Rajputh:

As a fresher, I am a new one to Company, I hope here I get a salary based on my working performance and how Much I deserve.


I expect my salary as per my experience and my knowledge.

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