I think there is need to be a clarification on this topic "If winning isn't everything, why do they keep the score?".

This topic refers to the spirit of game not that we should take part in the game without the spirit of winning.


Hello everyone, its a very nice topic which we are talking about. Winning is not important. Participate is more important than winning and competition is more important than participate. Because of it the both sider player's confidence will grow.


Let me start with definition of Score!. Score is that value/figures that is given to a person or a team based on its performance in a given field or work. This score signifies how good or bad he is. It could be either GDP of a country, runs scored by a player, etc these help to determine how well he is been in his field of work, which in turn defines his dedication towards work.

Winning is that moment that is achieved when a person/team performs good, which in turn is dependent on scores.

Yes, Winning is not everything, but having scores will appreciate the player/team/country to boost themselves into being good at what they do. In this process if they fail to get a good score, scores help them to know where the undermine is, and they work on it to improve it. Which will certainly help them to improve their score in next term and might help them to win a match.

Bottomline, Scores help us in determining how well we are at a given work and gives us a chance to work on it, to build ourselves and win in our life if not in the game.


Hi every one. I am Shashi. In my opinion in this competitive world we need scores to differentiate between two or more teams. If anyone play with enthusiasm and spirit he will certainly win the game. In every aspect of life we need scores go ahead. One more important thing it's your score which defines you that what you are not look or personality. Scores tell others that how consistent you are. If any person or team win any match by cheating or luck it's their score in their past matches put them on backfoot.


Hello guys. I am shankul.

I really want to say this to all of you. Why we all are considering game as cricket, any other sport or School /College exam. Our whole life is a game in itself. And we might not get whatever we want in life, there could be our different wishes we try to have them but if we didn't get, this doesn't mean we stop trying. We came to know at every step where we lag behind. It is not the matter of winning or losing at all. Neither winning or losing make us stronger or weaker. It is just the weakness of ours we came to know at every step and correct them. It is our competition with our own. No one else.

So for me there is no term like winning or losing for me.
It is just improvement of our own.
It is just the scores we get at every step we makeup with our Mistakes.



Hi all,

'Winning is not everything'. But it is surely a lot of things. History remembers winners while the runner-ups are, more often than not, relegated to the category of 'also-rans'. No doubt, playing with your heart is by itself its biggest reward, but winning is like a STAMP OF AUTHORITY on your performance.

Now, coming to the habit of keeping scores-it can be best defined as a method of indirect motivation. On witnessing oneself falling behind the opponent in the scoreboard, the adrenaline kicks in and player is inspired to put the last ounce of his energy in the game.

Thus, in conclusion, winning may definitely not be everything, but score serves a bigger purpose- it reminds you that the game is still on.


Hi everyone. According to me keeping score is indirectly giving challenge to other competitors and helping to raise the level of competition. If people don't keep the score then there will be no race and no excitement. So it is important to keep the score to keep the game on.

Sushil Yadav:

Suppose it's roger federer competing against rafael nadal you want federer to win the title but the scenario is such that either of the players can win and suddenly within a blink of an eye you see nadal doing an ace to set match for himself. Everyone in all tennis club stand up and applause for the great guy. You see both the players approaching the net, they shake hands, may be give a hug or two as well, and then Federer leaves rafael alone to celebrate. Every one in the arena on their feet to congratulate rafal.

So, basically it's about competing well and giving it everything you have. At the end of the day, it's about the game not the players. To show the coming generation the kind of greats the game has given to the world. So, winning might not be everything but eventually you play to win. 'winning is not everything ' means to play fair but yet compete and compete to win. May be for the history of the game and for it's survival too. People come in numbers to support the game surely they don't want the game to end in a tie. No matter who wins the game would still be loved by peoples and just to end, you always want the best players to compete against each other.

Shaurya Nanda:

Winning isn't everything, which the subject of our discussion is, but it certainly is important. A great deal of exuberance enlightens our mind and soul when we end up on a winning note be it in sport, competitions or in any sphere of life. And scores add value to it. They keep an eye on the status of the players' performance. What if there is no concept of scores! There will be no competitiveness among the participants, also the spectators or the audience won't relish the proceedings of the game.

Bottomline, scores are essential for any sport!


Hello friends,

"if winning isn't everything, why do they keep the scores" is very interesting topic. It tells us about two thing. One thing is wining and other thing is score. Yes I agree winning isn't everything but we can't ignore that after wining how we feel. Winning a game increase our confidence, level, pesonality. Now score is very important part of a game because score tells us where we stand and what we have to improve to do better and one more advantage of score is level of game increase because suppose someone score 200 in 20-20 cricket match then people would want more than 200 and then level of game will increase. One more thing when we play a game, we should forget about records always give your best that's main thing.

Thank you.

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