Ya of course religion can't be mixed with politics. Politician is the one who serves for the people. If religion get into politics most of the offers funds and all priorities are given to only a particular religious people.


Of course the real motive of politician is to rule their territory, and Indian has always been know for its secularity, so if the population of a territory has more 1 religious person then, the politician occupy an easy way to win the election by leaning towards that religion, this should not be there, because this would eventually lead to increase in terrorism, - see terrorism is what it's nothing but the coward people who can not do anything, because of their minority choose the path of violence. So again if the politician tries to get the vote in the name of religion its like a trap, the other candidate would automatically vote for his religious, this would create.

Ashiq Abdul:

The religions only use to identify the peoples which god they would have been followed. But its should not require for identification of democratic and politics. I think the politics is only touching with religion for the purpose "vote banking". Some politicians say this country is only for particular religion, not for other religion followers and go out the country. So the opposite religions people should take of politics party or religious org. So that is the reason for the religions is mixed with politics.


I agree with this point and true also in our country politics mixing with religions. We had more religion political background parties in our country. Political leaders debate with each other forgot the problems of People.

Is it our country only for one religion? No, it is our country no matter how many religions in the country, and the only one thing we are all Indians. Some leaders get profit from creating the problems b|n the people.

Uttam Yeramalla:

No, religion should not be mixed with politics because if they do so some of the politicians may take advantage of this to increase their votes. Let us think if a politician who won in the name of religion would only full fill the promises that he or she gave it the particular religion. So this would violate the rule right to equality, right to opportunity and etc. Which is not good and this may lead to conflicts, war etc. For example the conflict between Andhra people and Telangana people which led to division of the state Andhra Pradesh into two states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.


NO, I don't support this statement. Religion and Politics are one hell of a combination. Used properly it leads to the betterment of our country. I'm putting forward this statement because,

1. No religion in the world is against humanity.

2. No religion asks people to kill others to achieve something bigger.

3. It's the work of the religious heads that misinterpreted the essence of a religion.

Given a leader who is well-versed in his religion (whatever it may be), who is strong-minded, who can't be manipulated/misguided, our nation will become superpower within few years.

Bhupendra Kumar:

Hello, everyone. Religion and Politics may be considered as two different banks of a river which can't meet. But, we people always try to mix both. Religion is one which separates us from one another in term of the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or Goddess.

Religion and politics are two extremists that cannot be put together, otherwise, it would devastate the unity, peace, and harmony in our only secular nation of the world.

As far religion is concerned, it should not be mixed with politics because politics is meant for all people of nation or state, we cannot give priority to an individual cast or majority, politicians should be those people who take the decisions and reforms not looking to a single group of people of sate or nation.

Thank you so much!


According to me religion should not be mixed with politics as religion is belief, spirituality in one another wherein politics is meant to govern a nation, like the politicians mix religion to get votes and so there is a lot of racism, internal disputes would be more and there would be discrimination between people and our nation would no longer be secular.


Hi everyone, First of all, I would thanks to all the members for their thoughtful opinion. I also agree with this statement. Religion should not mix with politics. Politics means not to rule the nation but to work for the nation irrespective of religion, cast, colour etc. With humanity and together. If religion mixed with politics then all the political leaders divide themselves according to their community which is not good for us. And affect our education system. Education which is the most important part of any country for bright future, that also divided according to religion if we adopt politics with religion. I think without mixing the religion with politics we should follow our religion and should obey them.

Prateek Sehra:

I think religion should not be mixed with politics because if politics is mixed with the religion then you are playing with the feelings of a person for his/her religion. Religion is only made to worship different gods, not for the politics.

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