Marriage is very imp aspect in every human life. But love marriage is good because we agree with the parents otherwise suffering from some problems in future. But the things are very imp for both of the pairs.

1. Love and affection.
2. Believe.
3. Caring for each other.
4. Mutual understanding.
5. Respect each other.


In my opinion, I favour love marriage with permission of our parents. Two persons know each other, understand each other and they are the ones who decided to live their rest of life together. It makes life better. Your partner will be supportive and helpful for you in achieving your dreams. Whereas a person whom you just met and married won't be able to understand your dreams or your wishes.

Mantu Sahani:

In my opinion, Both marriage are good. But if we love someone with the view of marriage, we must love according to our situations, family background, financial conditions and such types of more things. Then we can arrange and can take support of our family for marriage. But in during love we must not be share our weakness to the partners, otherwise it will help in divorce after marriage.

On other hands, if family arrange a marriage we can meet to understand each other. Then can marriage happily.

Kukur Singh:

According to me,

Love marriage and Arrange marriage both depends on merit and demerits. If we take love marriage we know about our partner already and make life successful but our country believes in custom and not fully accept love marriage so We have faced our society our family.

On Other hand, our society believes in Arrange marriage and support this type of marriage but we have no idea about our partner and after sometimes make confuse and also in case we have faced sometimes divorce.



In my point of view, love marriage can also need to be achieved with parents support its best thing I see. In love marriage we can understand our partner very well because of no compulsion when the relation can achieve their understanding without any compulsion its a very best relation I think so, that's can be achieved in love marriage. Instead of love marriage, the arranged marriage can be mostly done by their parents wish. There is no acknowledge about each other, So, I think it may lead to many divorces nowadays. The only think I wish to say anywhere "UNDERSTANDING CAN MAKE US EACH OTHER".

Ajay Bhardwaj:

In my view, arrange marriage is better rather than love marriage because during the love marriage we do share every weak points with our partner, and some person can be miss advantage of our simplicity. Moreover, while in the arrange marriage we don't have complete knowledge about to life partner.


According to me, there is no problem in arranged marriages, but if we already love someone then even our parents should understand that and give a chance to that person with whom we want to spend our life.

But people always assume that if we have chosen someone or if we love someone, then that person is not right for us. Why is it so?

Our parents have the right to choose a life partner for us, but don't we have any right on our life? We are the ones who have to spend the whole life with that person, so it's very important that there is love between the two. But the society and family are generally very partial regarding this. If you love your better half after marriage, then it's perfect, but if you love them before marriage. They'll make you feel so guilty about it even when it's nothing wrong in it.

At the end, I would only say that if respecting our parents decision is our duty, then their duty is also to see whether we are happy with their decisions or not.

Maaz Ahmed:

In my opinion, love marriage it good chance to let the couple know each other.

Devendra Singh:

I'm Devendra Singh.

Firstly, I want to say. Love and arrange marriage both have merit and demerit.

If we talk about arrange marriage.

This is India and in India marriage connects two families.

Mostly, Arrange marriage makes the family happy. But some time Love marriage doesn't make the family happy. In that case, family don't' support us. If our family would not support us. Then we can't go happy. After taking Love marriage we will have to face many difficulties. Then we require the help of our family.

At last, I want to say that I'm against the love marriage.

Because everything that can not make my family. I don't want to do so.

Now it depends on you that you want to make your family happy or unhappy.


In my point of view, it is not our own authority to choose such decision. It's quite better to love our parents who were able to choose more than a better partner for our life.

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