Rahmath Pasha:

In my view, both have different criteria.

Love marriage gives satisfaction to both partners but not to his family because they understand feelings and emotions each other before marriage. If conflicts occur in future they angry for sometime after they try to convince each other and finally get connected each other.

Arranged marriage gives satisfaction to entire family but it needs a time for the couple to understand each other. In the arranged marriage, if they don't like each other then they blame to their parents first and they have to make compromise each other otherwise it leads to a divorce way.

In a rare case, lovers break their relationship.

I give four stars to an arranged marriage and five stars to love marriage.


Sachin Kr Chauhan:

In my opinion, lover marriage is good for those who understand each other very much and they have decided to live with each other till their last breath because I found some people who are getting married without their parent's consent and. After some year they will divorce to each other so. If you do not understand your partner from stem to stern then you should not have go through lover marriage. So, In my opinion, love marriage or arrange marriage is nothing but it is a combination of two families.

Ajay Chaudhary:

In my point of view, arrange marriage is preferred to love marriage in arrange marriage couples are respected by their socity and their family sport them strongly in present time every family gives enough time to their children for understanding to each other before marriage and parents always choose the best for their children and there is no quarrel among the members in arrange marriage and further generation of couples are nicely affected by arranging marriage after all I want to say that according to Indian civilization arrange marriage more acceptable than love marriage and arrange marriage follows a systematic order so arrange marriage preferable to love marriage.


In love marriage, you have that assurance before marriage itself that life partner will understand and support one doesn't need to adjust compromise much. Main is one knows the nature but observation regarding choosing the partner should be correct since it's your decision.

In arrange marriage, there is a fear of how will be my partner. One definitely need to take time while choosing your life partners so definitely I will prefer love marriage.


In my opinion arrange marriage is better than love marriage because before marraige in love no commitments and no more argues both thinking are we are true lovers and we can solve anything in our life problems but after marraige in loved both are initial stage very happy and life goes to heaven but some year passed they have trouble in life snd so much of worries. So arrange marraige is better.

Taj Randhawa:

In my opinion, I prefer the arrange marriage then love marriage because this is not the marriage of 2 souls, this is to make a relationship between the 2 families. All we know, that our family choose the best for us. We can also do after the marriage our family gives us so much time to understand the feeling of each other. All we know, love is another name of compromise. To understand the feelings and lead a happily life with your partner and family. Also lead a respectable life.



In my point of view, love marriage is better than arrange marriage. Because in love marriage we know everything about our partner. Her/his behaviour, character, taste choices everything. But in arrange marriage by arranging one meeting how could they decide that they made for each other. I think that we do arrange a marriage for our parents and society. But in love marriage, we can satisfy ourselves. That's why I support love marriage.

Afina Shamsudeen:

Hi friends.

I'm a girl of just 18 years old. I don't have much knowledge about life, especially marriage life. I think it depends on the nature of the people who are getting married, the longevity and prosperity of their married life. But I have an opinion of life is not a mere fantasy, I mean it gives pleasure for us to read an ideal true relationship in stories. But life is not a theory to be stated theoretically, rather it has a lot to do in practice. So I do believe in love, true love after marriage. It believes it will give the very same pleasure that a good love affair can give and it's so comforting to have a relationship after marriage with the partner.

Thanks. Have a nice time.


In my opinion, love marriage and arrange marriage is just a name, both are nothing without understanding, where the understanding met the word of marriage is successful. So, it is all about understanding love & care for each other. When the couple has all these things then they live a happy life, whether it is arranged or love marriage.

Hariom Kaushik:

In my opinion, love marriage is prefer to arrange marriage because in love marriage couples understand each other in long time but in arrange marriage couples understand each other in one meeting. So, I support love marriage. Thanks.

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