Vidhan Shukla:

I think Aadhaar is very important for all person for id proof but is not 100% secure site because of some days.

UIDAI SITE will be hacked and all data will leak so in my point of view it should not be linked with a banck account only it can be used for id proof.


First of all, I thank India bix for giving this opportunity to share my views regarding this aspect, well according to my point of view adhar card is a unique identification of every citizen in India, it tells all prominent aspects of person, it is linked with bank accounts, when we talk about security aspects it is not 100%secure because our adhar card is linked with various banks, it may reach to hands of hackers, one example I just want to say which was happend in my real life, I think it was on the month of June 2018 a person called me and told all the details of my adhar card, I was really panic at tht tym, and he demanded 5 lakh of money in case if I don't pay him, he said I will hack your money in your bank account, I went to police station and informed all this, so from then when ever there is a need for me to give adhar details, I used to think twice, so one thing I want to suggest to you all think twice before giving your adhar details to anyone.


Well, Aadhar database!

How much efforts and tricks we do hackers will have their own way. So, if we are really scared of securities we might use our shopping apps, fooding apps, & other unnecessary apps. We do use those because we know how to not fall for fake sites. We'll aadhar database is much useful for anyone who needs it. Instead of showing all our identities altogether only thing Aadhar anywhere in India. Isn't it cool? The database is secured surely if it takes secular biometrics which never had a chance of replacing.


Aadhar is a 12 digit unique identification number issued to Indian citizens by the central government for availing various services.

1. According to me, Aadhar database is not fully secured. I will support my point with the statement that when TRAI chairman challenge on Twitter by giving his Aadhar number. Much of his personal information leaked out.

2. If Aadhar card is linked to bank accounts. The bank details can be leaked thus result in stealing of money.

3. Many agencies are trying to make fool of people by making fake Aadhar card and get out all the details from them which are not even as per the rules of the government.

4. I will support my point with another statement that somewhere I news I heard that an agent on WhatsApp is providing a username and password for hacking into UIDAI website and get access to information. And for further 300 rupees, Aadhar card printing can be done.

5. As this database is very massive that's why if any mistakes happen in storing data of all the citizens can be very risky.

Dadi Lavanya:

In my point of view, the Aadhar card is very useful. By using this, to show our identity. But when the aadhar is linked to our bank accounts, mobile no that is not securable. Some hackers may be trying to hack our information.

In some times, Our data is given to bank accounts, that is a real problem for all of us, especially for girls. Because girls mobile no, photo all are there. So, Aadhar data is not given to any accounts.


First of all let me tell you one thing that "no one is 100% perfect in the world" and in the technical world replace the word "perfect" with "SECURE". OK I think Aadhaar database seems to be secured enough still but you can not say that it is the best option in terms of security because "RULES ARE CREATED TO BREAK" as a technical student I know that everything in the technical world can be hacked by applying mad algorithm and hackers try to crack that regularly. That's why Govt thinks to add biometrics system on Aadhaar card to make more securable and that p[roves that still Aadhar is not secured enough, Just think about it. Thanks.

Ankit Gupta:

As India, is a developing nation and is developing its cybersecurity system but from earlier times till we are dependent on other countries for technology so its a great risk for our countries database that's why Aadhar data is not secured enough and make hacked easily by hackers as we don't have control over it but after creating our own security system it might be secured enough.

Rajdeep Roy:

Aadhar database is just like any other database like our email database, Facebook database and even bank account database. There are instances of hacking of every type of databases like email, Facebook accounts and even bank accounts.

The fact is that hackers are always finding new ways to hack into the most secure databases of the world. So, just as hackers are growing smarter so too cybersecurity expert must continuously work on improving the security of our databases.

Therefore Aadhar databases must continuously adapt newer security measures to ward off the growing army of hackers who are getting smarter day by day.

Also, in addition to that, I would like to add the scenario where one links his mobile number to Aadhar card. We buy a new sim etc and give our consent to Telecom companies via our fingerprints and otp to share our Aadhar details with the company. Now it is also up to the Telecom companies to provide for security measures so that hackers don't have access to our Aadhar card from the Telecom companies database.

Most of the hacking news about Aadhar card, on further investigation revealed that there was lack of security measures on the Telecom companies database.

Rishi Pandey:

The step was taken by the government to provide every citizen a unique identification number which we call it as an Adhaar card. But the biggest question arises that is it really secured enough? So according to me, the Aadhaar details are not fully secured because day by day cyber crimes are increasing with the increase in the technology and there are many hacking agencies which can access these codes. But it is very common because if you are sharing your numbers also, the leakage of information also involve in it same as here as well there will be some cons and our government is also working in it so that it will be secured in coming time.

Khushi Sahu:

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number issued to Indian citizens by the Central government. It is issued and managed by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Aadhaar card is essentially an identification document issued by the UIDAI after it records and verifies every resident Indian citizen's details including biometric and demographic data.

Aadhaar is not meant to replace existing identification documents like PAN, passport, driving license etc. However, it can be used as a single identification document.

Banks, financial institutions and telecom companies can also use it as a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification mode and maintain profiles.

Opening Bank Accounts.

Aadhar Cards can come in handy when opening a bank account. The document can be used for KYC, identification and verification purposes. Financial institutions and banks consider Aadhaar Cards as a valid address and photo ID proofs during the time of opening a bank account.

Disbursing Provident Fund.

Individuals who link their Aadhar Card to their Pension Accounts can have their provident fund disbursed directly to their accounts through their PF organisation.

LPG Subsidy.

By linking the Aadhaar number to the 17 digit LPG ID, users will be able to avail the LPG subsidy directly in their respective bank accounts.

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