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In my opinion, Aadhaar card is safe as Unique Identification Authority of India (UIAOI) has claimed to have not even a single breach from its biometric data since its existence.

Yes Aadhaar card no may be publically available but UIAOI claims that Aadhaar is just like any other id like phone no, therefore, is never to be treated as a confidential document. By simply knowing someone's Aadhaar, no one can impersonate and harm him because Aadhaar alone is not sufficient, it requires biometrics to authenticate one's Identity.

And I think that we should not be get confused or carried away by fake news on Facebook or other means of media.

Definitely linking your Aadhaar card with LPG, Bank account, Voter ID, etc that have been made compulsory by the government, so that every citizen can get the benefits through government schemes and more.


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Aadhar is the world's most sophisticated bio-metric identification - Word Bank.

As per my point of view, Aadhar is very safe and helpful for people and government. Recently issued about the TRAI head data leak than this issue become national issue but it's totally fack. Are. S. Sharma is Class-I officer so you determine information about him by simple Google search. Also haker's find him details via IIT site and TRAI site.

Main issue is not data storage but a collection of data (Because Aadhar collect data from unorganised form).

Then we do not think Aadhar is 100% safe but definitely, Aadhar is 97% safe as my point of view.


In recent days Aadhar is making its place in every news columns by either good or bad ways.

Aadhar launched by the government of India has reached almost every part of India and almost every Indian are registered under it. The government has made aadahar compulsory for many things like a bank account, Pan card and many more. Almost every scheme and programme launched by the government requires Aadhar for it.

But the recent news of Aadhar being unsafe for the transaction or it reveals our retails in public had led a question in my mind is relying on Aadhar to this much is good?

Answer will surely be available when our higher authority clearly talk about it and ensure every citizen.

Rahul Singh:

In my opinion, Aadhaar card is not safe as there is much evidence of breach this year about the security of Aadhaar. Even today Adhaar card of UIAOI chief executive is hacked as he gave his 12 digit Aadhaar card on Twitter challenging hackers that Aadhaar card security is top notch but his bank account is hacked and Rs 1 is added in a bank account so it is safe to say it Adhaar card is not secure.

Pushpak Chaudhary:

Yes, definitely, it is secured as we can take the example of simcards because earlier there is no restrictions for buying simcards And many of the people misuses this and now we connected our simcards to our Aadhaar card and we can easily detect fake calls also.

As it the unique id given to us by the government of India that can also be beneficial at the time of elections.

But don't you all think that Indian government is making aadhaar card necessary or mandatory in each and every governing field. And if we are having our PAN card for the transaction of money then what is the need of aadhaar card for the same, one disadvantage of aadhaar card is that it is making Things complicated.


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It is really useful one that link our Aadhaar with other identities such as PAN card, Driving license, Bank account. Etc. It reduces the fraudsters happened over our accounts. By linking Aadhaar, beneficiary of scheme is particularly given to the people, rather goes to all. Maintain single identity is better compare to all identities to be carried.


The Aadhaar database is not linked to any other databases, or to information held in other databases. The database is guarded both physically and electronically by a few select individuals with high clearance. There are some criminal penalities for unauthorised access to the database and tampering with the database.

Despite these criminal penalities, ultimate every security system is prone to risk of human error or mischief.


But don't you all think that the Indian government is making Aadhaar card necessary or mandatory in each and every governing field. And if we are having our PAN card for the transaction of money then what is the need of Aadhaar card for the same, one disadvantage of Aadhaar card is that it is making Things complicated.


In my perspective, linking Aadhar card nuber is fine to some of the aspects but the acute thing is linking to mobile services having the deadline march 31st is really creating pressure on public.


Yeah, definitely Aadhar database is secured as it is a unique ID for the identification of people for taking example like in any murder case if the victims face is brutally beaten up and police didn't get information by simply see the body then police can use the Aadhar card to reveal the identity of the person and from our Aadhar card we can identify fake calls too and if there is a bank problem then we can get information through Aadhar too like mobile number and many other things.

Besides these above mentioned facilities Aadhar card also includes various steps to access anything or get information which makes some people even difficult to understand the procedure and if there is an emergency and urgent need of Aadhar card to resolve the problem then I didn't think that not every person would carry his/her Aadhar card in the pocket every time.

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