Today's scenario clearly displays how the technology replaces the human resource with automation through a lot of software works and this makes graduates make updating their knowledge in programming even entirely irrespective domain persons also learning this for their survival in this fastest world.

Swati Agarwal:

According to me, the technology is both goods as well as a threat as we know India is a developing country it needs its development in every field. It's good for us as new technologies make work easier, profitable, less time consuming etc. If we move on to our agriculture sector then we can see because of technology only farmers need to do much hard work & get a good amount of profit whereas, on the other hand, it's a threat as everyone is not literate in this world n each n every person don't know how to use new technologies so they remain unemployed and suffer a lot.


Technology is one of the hot topic in today generation, it replaces the man with a machine, due to automation many members of people are loosing their jobs, it reduces person effort, and time. In software industry every person will face this impact because even an experienced person can be kick out of his/her company where he or she working in their company. The reason is tht, all the freshers are aware of latest technologies, so the experienced person can be replaced by fresher, by this the respective company can make a lot of profit. At the same time, technology gives a lot of jobs to all unemployed persons through food delivery Android apps such as Swiggy and Zomato.

Abhishek Sharma:

By means of "Technology" is the way to do any work without any hard effort. By changing our approach from time to time to fulfil the necessity of the present situation. For example, the mobile apps are using everywhere in the world in present time which is a very revolutionary technology in IT sector as we could not think before 5 years that it will help or improve our needs so efficiently and smartly. Technology is not a threat to jobs it's just a tool by which it can more useful.

I saw it many places after adopting new technology, more jobs are created.

We can see like Ola, Uber or many other apps which are given by new GPS technology and by this our youth are employing to do a great job.

So, according to my point, Technology always help in a job not a threat.


Well technology impact on jobs!

Obviously, it is a considerable one. Technology is the only thing which can upgrade our motives and aims. In my view may all thought that it reduces employment to illiterates but then n now India ia always an agricultural country & its the backbone for our country so why not every new technology helps them to get good profits n helps them in their field though they are illiterates. Not only in agriculture in many fields it's completely into the profit to field persons. Technology needs to be nail so that our Indian economy will increase and our gratitude be. So that the government provide jobs to illiterate in some fields. We'll now India is not that techy but still have many your employees. So it does depends on the individual. I always put forward for technology enhancement cuz it has everything to do with the country to change it or rebuilt it.

Uma Nirwan:

"Technology" is a branch of knowley that deals with the "CREATION" and use of technical means and their interrelationship with life, society, and environment.

Technology has brought progreyin every field. If we talk about impact of technology on jobs. So I have used a word i.e. "CREATION", and when something is created, it become a lot of people opportunity without becoming creativity of that person.

And we can say that while there will be an opportunity, the jobs will not be reduced.


I genuinely feels that technology in a long run proves to be powerful. Not only this there are many sectors, which day by day are becoming technological. But we should always remember that it is a human being who have created technology. It's a hard fact that day by day labour's are getting replaced by technology's & machines. But the supreme one are humans.


Technology generally makes the work easier no matter how tough it is. It may lead to an increase of unemployment because today everything is replaced by machines. In doing repetitive tasks it reduces our work. It can be implemented even in danger places which a human can't involve in doing such tasks. To the unskilled employees, it is a curse. It is replacing unskilled employees with skilled employees. Even the unskilled can learn new skills and they can become skilled and thus everyone becomes literate and then the impact of technology will be too good.


Technology is a primary concern for job-seekers and who want to get a higher position in the company. Who has the desire to get job they must know anyone of technology in present days. Our company works with different technologies and domains so, we need at least basic knowledge on trending technologies.

Merimi Rakesh:

Well, it has its positives and negatives. The positive is, it makes the country more prosperous. In today's day and age the more technologically superior a country is, the more prosperous the country would be. The negative is it is creating unemployment like never before. No doubt technology is also creating jobs but there is no guarantee that such jobs would remain forever. With further advancement in technology jobs like in call centers may also become obsolete in future. So anyone, whether illiterate, semi literate, or literate and educated can be affected by technology. Technology can also cause health problems for example working too much time on computer causes eye problems. Government should address this problem without having to compromise with technological development.

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