I want to add on this. As I agree with all of you. I think technology has reduced no of jobs as all things are being digitalized. In banks, we can see tech is being increased day by day so bankers will not be required in future as now much is needed. Education is being taught online in schools and in every fields, things are being digitalized, new technology is being introduced which reduces the manpower.


Since the dawn of the technological revolution, there has been this continual fear among people that this might lead to mass unemployment. But considering the present scenario, it is quite clear that revolution in technology actually brought development with it. Now the conditions of humans either in terms of health, wealth, or hygiene has improved a lot. Initially, there would be problems but with patience and determination, employees will grow as it had been earlier.

But now, the technology is changing at the breakneck pace and no prediction can be made because technology always had brought surprises with it.


Nowadays, the role of manpower in the industry is declining because the technology replaces the manpower. It creates a huge impact on jobs. Now only the people required to start the machine then machine automatically do the work.

One more thing if we talk about the future Artificial Intelligence is on the way. So in future Robots will do everything. Then the jobs will be less than now.


Hi Friends,

I want to add some points to this, as new technology comes it will depend that it will impact on job or not because there are various technologies which provide huge opportunities for jobs let' s take the example internet.

So, it is not like that technology leads to the unemployment always rather it also provides the employment.


Hello everyone.

I would like to say that technology affects the job a lot. I mean with the new technology you can make your job better and interesting, nowadays technology is changing in the very fast rate, a lots of software have come for doing the work in a smarter way. But yes it reduces the manual works, all the things which were done manually, all these can be done by computers. Unemployment is increasing nowadays, that may be the reason of the new technology.


Hello everyone,

Impact of technology can cause short-term job losses is widely accepted. The view that it can lead to lasting increases in unemployment has long been controversial. There are so many debates on technological unemployment. The debate can be broadly divided into optimists and pessimists. Optimists agree that innovation may be disruptive to jobs in the short term, yet hold that various compensation effects ensure there is never a long-term negative impact on jobs, whereas pessimists claim that at least in some circumstances, new technologies can lead to a lasting decline in the total number of workers in employment.

Adoption of technology, global reach and faster communication has overhauled manufacturing, servicing, product delivery and also employment associated with these sectors. But, this is not the first time the world has experienced significant shifts in employment due to new technology. History states that technology has been a creator of jobs and has augmented new avenues.

Top 5 most automated countries in the world (2017) :

1) South Korea - Unemployment rate 3.6%.
2) Singapore - Unemployment rate 2%.
3) Germany - Unemployment rate 3.4%.
4) Japan - Unemployment rate 2.4%.
5) United states - Unemployment rate 3.9%.
In 2017, India -Unemployment rate 4.05%.

Top 5 highest unemployment rate in the world:-.

1) Spain - Unemployment rate 15.30%.
2) Brazil - Unemployment rate 12.40%.
3) Italy - Unemployment rate 10.40%.
4) Turkey - Unemployment rate 9.60%.
5) France - Unemployment rate 9.20%.

Above the unemployment rate represents that technology does not create long-term unemployment.


I think TECHNOLOGY create more opportunities of job in India.

Everyone is talking about robot work In industries in the future. But no one is thinking about the manufacturing and constellation of the robot. More industries will open after AI.


As Technology evolves it creates new jobs at the same time it leads to loss of many jobs at present for the short term. And if we consider new technologies that are evolving AI and machine learning these are going to be a boom in the next 3 to 4 years.


Hai everyone, l am Ramya.

The Technology is enhancing day by day, many people are doing the work which is boring and monotonous but along with technological advancements, the quality of the job improves which leads to progress. Creativity increases.

Sanjeet Kumar:

According to me, with increases of technology job opportunities increase and as well as a decrease in some cases but I surely can say that in most cases job opportunities increase.

With the new technology, we can make own job better and interesting. Nowadays, technology is changing at the very fast rate.

In IT sector, Automobile sector and in management technology always creates new jobs but in the industry, the role of manpower is declining because the technology replaces the manpower, I mean only the people required to start the machine and then machine automatically do the work.

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