Hi, this is Sasikumar.

First of all, we all must know the real world behind education, the important problem is, we increase educational institutes instead of increasing the value of education. Parants also blind in these situations, they only bother about their son life. In my view if institute count will less then the issue will automatically dead, DONT MEMORIZE, DO OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION.


The topic is quite interesting, well according to my aspect education is a business, I am not against education, but according to present scenario, I feel tht private schools and colleges used to demand a lot of money from parents, but they don't maintain the quality professors, if a single building is available, they used to make it as a school, and put banners and showcase tht their organization is fame from the past few years, but that's not at all sufficient, in order to build a school a large area where playground must be avilable to students so tht they can make their mind fresh, today institutions are like they only focus on marks. Well I appreciate government institutions because they maintain all the necessary eminities and with low pay scale of fee, and maintaining the medium as english, our present cm of ap is jagan, he made an rule tht in all government institutions Saturday was declared as no bag day, it was a great decision, I just want to say tht join your child in a school where all the eminities are available it may be either private or government.


Well, it might not be a business to the parents but yeah it's a business to the institutions who are running their schools and colleges by having a weak point of parents that is a better future. But obviously not only private institutions why can't the government put some fund on all the infrastructure, faculty and all the basic needs. Everyone is not affordable to pay. Just because of this difference education there is a lot of difference in every human status whether it is financial or natural. Obviously, it's a business I agree to it, that a pre kg kid could gain knowledge of worth 15000 per annum. Blindly parents are even supporting the system which is so unsure. Everyone needs to know the value of hard work. Simply sitting in ac classes, might help their knowledge but never let them be as a civil person.

Chandan Chandil:

Hello everyone,

I don't agree with this point that education industry is a business these days. According to me, toady's scenarios of every parent is that their child should get the good quality of education so for the good quality education they are paying the fee.

If we talk about government Institution and private institution are taking the more fee in comparison of govt institution but Pvt. Int. Are providing a good quality of education as well as they are giving the good facilities to their students in comparison of govt inst. They are hiring good professors and good teachers to the students and paying them a good salary. They are spending money and providing good quality so that's why they are taking more fee.

So it can't call a business it is the game of quality.

Alekha Boruah:

Education is not a business these days Education is an important part in our life.


I strongly believe in this point. As because I have experienced the same thing in my case. As those the same quality education I could get with less fees. So better before wasting money on any education centres, we should always use our brain and should look in our surroundings.

Ayush Devda:

Good evening all.

I disagree with this topic.

I don't think so education industry is a business because if we want to get a good education than we will have to pay more money because school and college management are giving great infrastructure nowadays management are giving a good teacher. Also, the faculty wants more money because nowadays number of teachers are Ph.D degree holder and also for poor people Indian government started a RTE (Right to education) scheme if any student is good in study but he is not able to pay school and college fee than student can go loan process There are number of education loan are available for student.

If people will not open school and college than student are not able to take an education.


Hello Everyone.

Some examples to prove the above statement is,

1. Institutions providing dual degree. 2 years syllabus is compressed to one and taught without even reducing the fees to some extent.

2. Institutions are giving the first priority to the toppers as they can score more and bring the reputation to their institute whereas rest of the students are left aside.

3. Only the rich people can get the quality education in this current society as the poor people can't afford. Hence we can say that Education Industry is a business these days.


Besides that, there is also the growth of coaching institutes that sustains this business. Parents have to pay hefty sums to get their children in good schools/colleges and pay again in. Coaching institutes. In such coaching institutes students may or may not fare well but it is always win-win for these institutes. In some institutes, teachers are not respected. Is important to educate students to learn a wide variety of knowledge instead of just focusing on doing exercises and papers. Moreover, a lot of tutorial centres emphasizing "High marks and Good grades" which mislead the students to have a wrong idea that "getting high marks" is essential in the process of learning and education. Worse still, even parents also encourage kids to get high marks but they ignored to inculcate the kids that acquiring new knowledge is important for their life. Parents also tend to encourage the kids to join.

After independence India has started well in the field of education with prominent examples like setting up of IITs, IISC, converting state-run colleges to NITs and many more. As time passed the moto of political parties changed to populist ideas to attract votes. Slowly India's investment in education sector reduced leading to poor performance in providing primary education to children.

There was a time when by self-study students clear the toughest exam like civil services, IIT, AIEEE, Engineering services, CAT etc but the ignorance of government in education sector lead the poor education level for students. With this scenario increasing population and job scarcity lead private players to convert education into a business.

Aryan Rabha:

Education nowadays is truly business with lots of mushrooming engineering/degree colleges in every cities. Besides that, there is also growth of coaching institutes that sustains this business. Parents have to pay hefty sums to get their children in good schools/colleges and pay again in coaching institutes. In such coaching institutes students may or may not fare well but it is always win-win for these institutes. In some institutes teachers are not respected. They have strict rules and regulations and made to work like factory workers. Overall one can safely say that education nowadays is really business.