Hello everyone.

Digital India which was launched by our prime minister Narendra Modi for benefit of our country. At present, It plays an important role in all the sectors. Through this, We know all the things which were happened in the world by staying in the home itself. We can do all online transactions without any hard work, instead of standing in a queue, and it is a time saving one. It is very easy for literate people and a little bit difficult for illiterates. By giving guidance to those It is very useful in a better way and going to Boom in Future.

There are some disadvantages like hacking, it can minimise by some safety rule. I think Digital India will play an important role in the development of our country.


Hello Friends,

I think its a very good thing to improve our knowledge in other fields also. Due to Digitalization, the urban peoples are also trying to go with this, that's why most of the corruption reduced.

Digitalization reduces time. It will help at a busy time also.

But as a like coin has 2 sides. Likewise, every point has 2 ways.

As we discuss the advantages of digitalization, There are some disadvantages also,

Every people is not educated, for them it is difficult.

But it's All educated and well-skilled person responsibility to aware of this easy skill. How it works, what are the steps, etc.

Thanks for giving me the chance to take my point.


Hello everyone.

I think digital India is very beneficial for each and every person whether they belong to the rural or urban area. Even we can communicate here and express our opinion very easily with the help of digitalization. In India development in any sector increases at a rapid rate due to digital India, people do not suffer in solving their problems. Also, it consumes less time to do the task due to the development and evolution of new techniques. Also in some field digital India has disadvantages too but it is the fact that nothing in this world is perfect, imperfection is everywhere but it can be removed to a great extent if everyone does hardware to understand it.

Thank you.


Digital India is one of the best implemented government scheme that's what I felt. This is implemented by our PM Mr. Narendra Modi.

I highlighted him because his gestures in politics have proven the point that India is tending to become a developed nation. And it really does with his efforts. And one of the effort is making India a digital country.

Now. Let me give you a brief about it.

Digital India is a scheme where all the individuals have been given the opportunity to go online (using the Internet) in any kind rather than to go for offline. Now, the question is why?

Let me clear it to you.

And yes, you will see all your basic necessity can be fulfilled by both modes: offline and online.

But here the caption is TIME. Online mode helps you to save a lot of time with efficiency.

Just take an example of bank transactions.

Some years back, we need to go to the bank to deposit the money standing in long queues, waiting for our turn, and.

To regularly check the bank timings as well. If we are late, then the next day!

But, now the process became so smooth like icecream, just by pressing a button we can deposit our money.

Don't you think that's the biggest change in Digital India scheme?

Then, the booking of trains. And especially the tatkal but now, even we can book our main course meal in the train from the desired station. HOW IT IS POSSIBLE ! its not magic but the effects of DIGITAL INDIA SCHEME.

I don't think, there are any demerits, but some people are saying about the illiteracy which I saw and would tell them just by replying that "yes, illiterate people may not be able to use it properly. But this is the moment for them to learn about technology, and that's not rocket science!

Illiteracy is not a stamp which you can't remove. It's just about the mental ability to learn a thing at our own pace. ".

It comes under the Education sector, so we need to sharpen that. Rather than to add this point on your demerit list.

Thank you.

Kajal Mali:

Digital India scheme which is started in our country gives a huge benefit to every people in the country. If there are a shopkeeper, student, businessmen, in every sector it is beneficial for them. They can make an online order. Online payment, some years back if see if a person want to make some transaction and he has to go the bank and wait in long queue if he is not on time he has to come next day so in this way a lot of time is wasted.

This scheme gives the chance to the people to come online and save there time.

Yes, it is only beneficial for the people who are educated but id a person who is illiterate, cannot use this technology so this the big advantage of the digitalization.

But if a educated person help them to teach that how to use this digital system then off course we can overcome with this problem.


Digital India scheme is very helpful to us, throw online payment we can save our time. Online payment make our life easy even vendors on road have scan code bar of online payment app most famous is "paytm" no problem of change not only paytm app there are lots of apps in the market like Amazon, Flipkart make our life easy it saves our time and money both, throw google play we can easily transfer money and so on.


Digital India is a very good initiative taken by our government. But I think our government should think about education. In our country, the education level is very low. But now day`s you can see that mostly urban area people use internet banking, e-ticketing, e-shopping etc. But when we talk about rural areas people when rural areas people go into any bank. They did not fill any form and they help us to other people. Because mostly rural areas people are not educated. So, I think our government should first work on education.


Yes, digital India scheme is beneficial for us for example in universities, companies and other organizations use mail I'd for sending any information to the employees or students this can save our time.

Aryan Rabha:

Digital India seems like a good concept seeking to make the life of citizens more convenient. But one need to realize that no data in the internet is safe no matter how contrary the claims may be. For example, digital countries like Estonia, Finland and Singapore all had been hacked multiple times compromising millions of personal information of its citizens. In one instance, the government had to renew the identification id of its citizens to prevent identity theft. Even in India, RBI reported thousands of cases of frauds involving ATM/Debit cards, internet banking from 2015-2018. So the facts do not favour digitization. One might ask "what is the use of my information?" One study said the compromised data is sold in dark web at cheap prices where data diggers further manipulate your data. It is not wise to compromise with one's personal data in exchange for momentary comfort. There are still many countries that are not digital, like China, Russia, Germany, Italy, France etc. India should instead invest in other problems.


Yes, digital India is a flagship program of the Indian government. No doubt both the Producers and retailer most importantly Consumer directly benefited by this scheme. For example, we save our lot of time through digital use like cashless economy which makes our life easy and secure. National digital libraries where we find a million books and a thousand journals in different field like science, Art, Social economic, technology innovation. A scheme like SWAYM, DIKSHA, SKILL INDIA, M-government, e-governance, m-polish, telemedicine and much more.

So we can say that Digital India is an umbrella program which nurturing hundreds of subprogram.

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