Anjali Mathe:

With the concept of digital India, India has put a step forward for the growth of its citizen in different sectors.

Digital India includes proving ICT tools like desktop laptops mobile phones printers, internet access as well as understandable platforms, to every Indian citizen.

E-Services like E-police, E-court, E post office save us from standing in long queues. Online platforms for different government schemes help us to get connected with the government. Online courses under MOOC help students in distance learning, Biometric attendance system in offices helps to detect absenteeism of an employee.

Digitization help us to know our money transfer within seconds this also creates a backup date for future reference and also it avoids middlemen involvement thus reduces fraud and corruption.

All the above-stated benefits are helping Indian citizen and the Indian government.

Apart from this most of the urban population are making good use of digital platform not only in their businesses but also to ease their life like booking train, bus, movie tickets, online food ordering, and many more but still its not the100% population because still many of the urban population do not have a good knowledge of different online services.

Also at present, 90% of the rural population does not have internet access, 70% of them are digitally illiterate, 70% does not have ICT tools like smartphone or desktop.

The Indian government has started programs like NDLM for digital literacy and had set up a target to provide internet access to all 6.5 lakh villages of India by 2022.

So, an Indian citizen whether in rural or in Urban India who has availability of ICT tool at an affordable price, easy access of internet and understanding of service platform is benefited by DIGITAL INDIA.


Digital India is a successful campaign by current government. From registering for admission to booking a hotel or train tickets everything has improved a lot. Now with the cheaper internet;it is penetrating in rural India also.


In my view, digital India has more advantage than disadvantage if we use it in a secure way. There is a tendency that data can be hacked, but if we can secure it in a good way than it has more advantage. Digital India takes India a step ahead from other countries. Every Indian citizen who has some basic tools like PC, laptops, smartphones and internet access takes benefits from it.

Prashansa Koul:

Digital play an important role in each and every field of your life.

With the help of digital, we can access information or we can get more knowledge about technology.

Technology is also part of the digital. With help digital, we can share the information from one part to another part through probing ict tools like internet access.

Digitalisation help also in the education system. Students take more interesting in listings study online videos.

Many apps have been developed for students education. Digital also help in student admission cells. Storing their database.

Nowadays biometric systems develop in each and every sector. Which is good it is helpful for notice or detecting the absenteeism of employees in a quick manner.

It having disadvantages if there is some technical issues in the internet for sharing views in the remote area also. It also helps for online transaction ie nothing but a money transfer.

It is easy to use and also time-consuming and we can access it anywhere.

It also helps for those household peoples for eg person what to cook recipe something but they don't have so much knowledge about that recipe. How to start this recipe. What are in ingredients so directly google it get more information related that recipe.

So digital change the life of people who unaware about everything what going on life.

So l conclude that digital important part for both the rural as well as urban people. Its benefits for all the person.

Prashant C:

Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India to ensure the Government's services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity. Through this campaign, the Government has also taken a step to Modernize the culture of we Indians by using our own technology for Faster and Smarter working. Digital India is benefiting all the peoples around the Nation by creating a chain of resources that can be easily accessible to the people.

There are many branches of resources that are connected to people.

For an example, the Government has created a website called Digilocker. As some documents are so consequential and cannot be carried because of insecurity and misuse of the information in documents in case of loss. This initiative of Digilocker is benefiting people to freely upload all their important documents on this website as it is heavily guarded with online security and can only access by the owner of the locker. So doing this a person can easily access his documents from anywhere and anytime he/she is need of documents.

Similarly, Agri Market, The mobile application has been developed with an aim to keep farmers abreast with the crop prices and discourage them to carry-out distress sale. This application automatically captures the location of the farmers using mobile GPS and fetches the market prices of crops which fall within the range of 50km. The prices of agricultural commodities are sourced from the Agri market portal that helps farmers get to their required crops with ease. There are many such initiatives in this Campaign benefiting all the people around the Nation in many ways.


Digital India benefits are availed by all classes of people in India because nowadays most of the people know how to use the internet easily.

It is one of India's smartest step I would say. Digital India especially helps in making online payment n money transfer which take very less time in comparison to paperwork. It is also environment-friendly.

Though it has a lot of advantages, digital India also has some disadvantages like India is a country of villages, where people don't even know how to use internet. So, they will find it difficult to use. Digital India is nothing without the internet.

Abhishek Kumar:

Digital India is very crucial step by our Indian government because the time has come to compete with other country. INDIA is counting as a developing country from a huge time. But the question is whom does it benefit?, I think our young generation make it successful but our farmer community and our older generation can't get it benefited because they never want to involve themselves in these due to security reason. I think it is more successful when the citizen of India is get more education in new technology. So, they can teach others and make it popular in India.


Hello everyone, This is a good or common topic nowadays that is digital India. It's a good platform in India to develop in the world. It is launched by our Prime minister Narender Modi to develop the nation as well as literate the people in rural areas. It is too easy nowadays whatever we do like online shopping, B2C, B2B, online payment ie. Net banking, Apps are available in every bank. If we booked a movie ticket and order food we use digitally ie online transactions with the help of debit card, credit card, paytm, mobiwiki, phonepe etc. And one more advantage is to if we pay through some app, online we gave a cash back of some amount and we do not carry huge cash on our pocket. We no need to go outside and hire a taxi. It is easy to book an ola, uber by online and pay the online.

In a rural area, digital India helps with Jio Telecom it give to poor people internet in low price or person literate and uses online transactions or use the internet. It is a boom period of India to develop a good GDP growth.

But India has a disadvantage digital India the hacker's problem, server down. But this problem also shorted coming soon.


P. Sai Prathyusha:

Hi everyone,

The given Topic is digital India.

This was a programme initiated by or prime minister of India. It is one of the steps that the government of India has taken to move ahead from being called as a developing nation to a being called as a developed nation.

Every coin had two sides and similar is the case with digital India.

I would like to put my view of digital India.


* It helps the student community because nowadays there are many online courses that are available and students can also put their queries and they can get their answers.

* There are some other apps that help the students as well as the job seekers in finding the right answers for the questions that could be possibly asked in their question papers or their interviews and therefore helps them to achieve their goals and targets.

* Time can be saved because of the online transactions that are taking place.

* The risk of carrying amount reduces.

* It made our lives easier by allowing us to now see the train or bus schedules online and also allowing us to book online.

* less infrastructure is needed like we need only a bank account and have a good internet facility.

* Since everything is linked like the Aadhaar is linked with the bank account, there is less possibility of black money.

* When there are online payments made the ATMs used for withdrawal of money is less and therefore the fraud of copying the pin code of the debit card and making a similar debit card reduces.

* Information is available to all at any time and any place.


* The illiterate are unable to use this digital platform but the government is making an effort to educate all by implementing new schemes to educate all and make them skilled.

* There is a risk of hackers.

* Good internet facility is yet to be established for all which is in the process by the government of India to provide internet facility to all by 2020. And I hope this will take our country forward.

* some people feel insecure to use this platform.

* Well, so hoping for a better economy, these points are from my point of view.

* You can add many more points to the discussion.

Thanks for reading.

Mayank Rawat:

According to my point of view, Digital India is a great concept which is launched by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to develop the country. Digital India is providing benefits to rural as well as an urban area but for those people who are literate as well as illiterate but they have ICT (Information and communication technology) like mobile phone, laptops, computers etc so that they can access the internet and get benefited by the government schemes. Because our government created different websites for the development of our Indian citizens.

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