Mayur Morvekar:

Hello everyone.

I concern with all of you guys. My point of view about this topic is it the 1st step towards digitization. Because of digital India, we can do any transaction with security in one touch only. We don't wait for hours in a queue in banks. We save our time. If we transfer money to another person through apps like gpay, phone pay then sometimes we will get rewards or cash back which is beneficial for us. But always there is some pros n cons of everything. So if we talk about illiterate people or rural area people then they don't know how to use it or get benefits from it then they blame on the government. That's why first of all government should give proper knowledge or they should conduct a campaign for rural area people. So, the conclusion is if we go for digital India it's 100% sure it's most beneficial for each and every member of society.

Subhashree Panda:

DIGITAL INDIA, it's not a world it's a dream, I have a question can India be a digital India, my opinion yes of course, why not but, Is this now important for us and for our country?, "No " first India government focus upon our basic needs, is our basic needs are fulfilled? If no! Then what is d use of digitalization. Rural areas peoples are now also free from basic needs, India is not only for metropolitians area it is d combination of both rural and city, then what is d use of only focus on city not in village, village people even don't know the meaning of digital then how can they will be contribute? First, basic needs, Education, Health, Hospital etc. After that it can be a better decision thinking about digitalization, anyway, something is better than nothing, we should appreciate this but the first priority should be this.

Thanks, everyone this is my first attempt for GD.


In my opinion, it benefits everyone. If everything becomes digital. Because people who are living in cities can save their time. And corruption can be completly removed. Since everyone has smartphones nowadays, it's easy to transact.


I think digital India is very beneficial for us because it not only connects people with each other but also helps in reducing corruption and hoarding of money and when the problem of corruption is eroded it ultimately paves the way for a growth of an economy.

Sherlock Holmes:

I think it's a good idea but this alone won't do anything against corruption in India. Individual participation is most important everybody should take responsibility and should cooperative with the system so that only we can achieve digital India.

Satyam Gupta:

India has come a long way in digitalization and has a long way to go to achieve the vision of Digital India. We can clearly see the difference in the number of internet users and improved e-governance. But there is still digital illiteracy in many parts of India. 'Digital India' will be a success when its benefits are available to each and every citizen of India.


People of India who are in developing phase i.e. middle-class people and who are developed one people will get most benefits out of digital India. As people in developing phase will be able to save their time by taking advantage of online banking, shopping, and students will be able to study at their home by making use of online coachings and will be able to make a step towards success easily and fastly that with fair exams held online. And it will help India to increase the economy, growth to reduce black money, corruption.

Now those who are poor and peoples of villages no doubt digital India is very helpful for them also but gov. Have to take a step to make them aware of this digital India so that they are able to take best out of it and that is only possible through proper environment education, guidance etc So that they get not affected in a negative way through this process of digital India.

And in the last, this is not only advantageous for personal development, societal development but will help in the growth and development of the entire country.


Hi, I am Alagappan.

No doubt Digital India is a great.

A benefit to every Indian citizen, it's an art of Making things Easier, After digitisation, Many Systems are automated, much popular one is Payment system. Apps like Paytm Phonepe, Googlepay play a great role. Also, an app like m-parivahan helps citizen to show licence and RC book in digitised form. So, I conclude that Digital India is a great benefit to Everyone mainly for Youngsters.


Hello friends.

Our topic is digital India. According to my point of view, every coin has two sides same as digital India have more advantage and some disadvantages but according to too me digital India is best because this time new technology will come and if we don't know about this our country never win in the race of development. Some advantages of digital India.

1) Easy to use for educated people.
3) Give the correct answer.
4) Less working hours.
5) No need cash.

But some disadvantages of it which is given below.

1) Total networking base if the network will be failing our some information may be lost and may be late.

2) it is not good for uneducated people because they don't know about this.

3) If the internet is not available then we not able to do any transaction.

Thank you.


according to my thoughts, digital India is the best motive for the educate as well as uneducated persons, because uneducated persons will try to adopt the knowledge and will get some basic education.

It's easy.
It's time-saving.
It has various benefits that we can get cashback offers, easy to buy from online stores for those who can't go to stores and malls.

But it has various disadvantages that

There is less connectivity with the network in a remote area.
It also requires to connect to a high-speed network which is not a possible wall.
Increased chances of frauds.
Increased chances of hacking bank accounts.

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