As per my opinion about the given topic; Digital India is a very good step which was taken by our honourable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji. With this step our economy also rise day by day. With the help of it there is no load of carrying cash. because sometimes when we carry cash there also a risk of theft of money. Now there is also a benefit for not waste time by not stand in ques. Paper load also reduce. With this step our rural areas are able to understand the new modern process and also understand the net banking and also some other things which are relevant to this step. There are also some disadvantages. But I believe that if there are more benefits as compare to disadvantage, benefits matters at this case. Corruption also reduce day by day. So I think it is a good step. So, keep support it.


Hai, friends,

Digital India is a valid point of people. All bank transactions using to the digitilized people. Bank, eb, ration, shopping useful to the people.

But uneducated people not easily understanding and not secured to the online transactions.

Sonali Yadav:

I think this is a very good step taken by NDA government Because the world is changing and so we should also change. And we are already lacking behind many behemoths countries like China, USA. This step will most importantly paves the way for a cashless economy. You don't have to carry the cash in your pocket. Just one card is sufficient. This new digitalisation makes people do all their work sitting at home by just one click. You don't have to wait for hours in line of any bank etc. But yes this is a curse to illiterate people and they end up criticizing the government But if the learn all these things they will be the first to be benefitted from this. Afterall there's no age to learning. So, at last, it will benefit all if we know how to make 100% out of it. After all, technology is boon to our nation.

Nihita Shukla:

This is a vital step taken by the present govt. To digitalise India. As it benefits all members of society in terms of the following points:

1) Stop corruption
2) Tax evasion
3) Save time
4) Stop intermediaries' commission
5) Connect people with internet
6) Ease to purchase things
7) Easy to transfer funds without going bank
8) Anytime accessibility
9) Anytime and anywhere information.

Praveen Kumar:

In my opinion, India's most of the population are lives in the villages. For their awareness, first government should have made police how to handle the technology. Nowadays we have my police to educate the people but the truth is our "primary School" are looking like a showpiece.

A coin has two face likewise digital things have also pro and cons. Like security, maintenance etc. If we take the example of a foreign country they have well educated human resource. Their government and people work at ground level.

Well, Digital things save our time and make easy but not for everyone.



In my opinion, digitization plays a pivotal role in our day to day life. It has overcome many situations after demonetization such as one click to pay the amount to anybody, scanning the bar code, online forms for our applications of passport, License, visa, marriage certificate and many more and that to not giving single penny to brokers, direct cash deposit to needy people however after all these few people are intentionally not opting the digitization to gain the benefit and to save the taxes to fill their pocket with black money. They are not only filling their pocket but also a compelling customer to pay through cash even if he/she has the option to accept plastic money. When we talk about the rural area they are also eagerly learning it and this is not difficult since everyone has smartphones nowadays. People with black money or source of black money are now stopped and they are now dejected to show their aggression for digitization. This is a time when we all have to stand and teach others extensively and ignore deceptive thought or people who are against of it. I hope whoever says this is detrimental can rivet their mind to this option.

Tahsin Raza:

Hello everyone,

As I think digital India is very good initiative taken by the government which helps in many ways like its help to utilize time and money spend in going to bank and doing transaction from there apart from that it helps to minimize corruption and also benefited to various payment portal like paytm, googlepay, phonepe etc because in this point of time people refer this to speedy and easy transaction.

Chetan Patil:

I think Digital India will be beneficial for Indians. If it is used in public sector and Government Services. People can use the government services i.e. e-services and there will be proper monitoring of the services and data. It will minimise the corruption.

Gudla Hemanth Kumar:

Hello everyone, we are here to discuss the topic digital India.

If I talk about this, It is very useful to every individual across the nation even for illiterate also. I know some of you would think that how could it become useful to everyone? The main aim to implement this system in our country is to put the first step towards digitalisation, to avoid black money and to get proper tax from citizens and to relax citizens. People don't need to step out from their home, suppose banking system we have internet banking to do transactions, UPI's are very easy to use. I know every one of you aware of a money order from Indian Post. Usually who gets money order is retired persons, they use to get a monthly pension. In order to money order, nowadays they are getting their pensions directly into their bank accounts. I hope digitalization is going on across the nation and it is very useful to each and every individual even they are illiterate. The final conclusion of our topic is if anyone who doesn't know about digital payments, they should learn and get the information from their family I mean to say son/daughter. I know in every house there would be one educated person. The govt of India should revise its laws and make it very strict in order to avoid online scams.


Digital India, it means what ever the legislation is going on up to the India only so off course Indians are going to be beneficiary.

Digital India means every things are going to be digitalized it could be your transection, booking, purchasing process and so many things. The way of digitalization is very much safe just some precautions we need take care. Those who are illiterate or those people who don't how to use so to avoid this kind of issues government should take care of all consequences means positive as well as negative according to the consequence government has to plan solution of all consequences like I mentioned above one issue regarding unaware people so for them they can do proper advertisement regarding any legislation through that advertisement they can spread awareness regarding precautions like one example nowadays, banking system has been digitalized which is very secure but into that process we have to take care OTP which is should not share with any one else. In short I just wanna say digitalization is very good approach for our India that process is putting our country more closer to the success. But at the same time we have to take care if the government is not able to reach out across the country being an Indian its our job to make aware our society this is very saintly job like social work. My major opinion regarding this topic is that change is the rule of nature so try to adapt yourself thank you.

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