Mithun Maharana:

As far as, I am concerned, Digital India is a great step towards a great future but every good initiative comes up with a bad thing. We shuold be aware of that. There is no doubt that this step can help us to make our lifestyle reliable. If all get to know how to use it in netiquette way and what are the consequences of this. Then it could be adequate for everyone. India needs to develop more than we desire. Everyone will be benefited if they get used to it. I conclude to say that it's a great opportunity for everyone to become a part of this new system. Thank you everyone.


In my point of view,

Digital India is only benefiting to the only lesser part in the country.

What I am trying to say is now we are aware of phone pay, Paytm, tez this all are online apps.

It creates less time to send money to other accounts. I agree it good but.

What about the rural people they don't know about this online payment apps.

First, make sure that we must make to know about this to all the people in the country and make to use it in all villages and urban areas.

So, now we called as digital India. But one thing is that make the apps more secure no one is going to hack.

Ashwin Bhat:

Digital India is mainly concern to empower those people who is technically far behind. It creates awareness among socially backward people. After the enforcement of digital India payment becomes more easier, small transaction becomes quicker. It benefited to crores of indians even though they are not educated in all the way.

Aditya Singh:

I think digitalization benefits mostly educated or urban people who have an android phone or laptop. In India, most of the population live in rural areas and most of the person in rural areas don't have a smartphone, but due to the trend of digitalization people in rural areas are trying to buy an android phone or other gadgets due to which they can also be part of digital Benefits from digitalization-.

1. Time-saving.
2. Easy process.
3. Decreases corruption.
4. The workload of the beneficiary and bank employee both decreases.
5. Online shopping.

Shaikh Saddam:

Digital India Is a notion which was introduced by pm of India after decision of Note ban, at the earlier it was a very strange and rare concept for the masses of India but later it took unbelievable scope and now not only in Metropolitan but also in Rural areas people are using it very effectively, Continuously and day by day New user of it is adding.

First and foremost, it's bliss for us and we get rid of carrying money in your packet and we are getting relief from stealing of money which normally does in our country. Furthermore, Tax evasion is very common in India and undoubtedly this is the main concern which led India towards poverty, imbalance of development and unemployment as well but, due to digital transaction every single business even we spend 1 Rupya it tracks and all records save in required system and government are easily getting all set taxes on transaction. It enhanced transparency, accuracy and eradicating corruption and we are on the verge of digital business.

On another hand, every coin has two side so this dogmas also having Least problem with it I. E in most of area resources of digital transaction not available and apart from these it requires little bit knowledge of technology or at least the operation of transaction, which makes fear that in some cases illiterate People will have to face problem of cheating or deception although, since it's existence we have not found more such cases so we can say that "Digital India Success " and its totally in welfare of common man and too much benevolent.


The majority of our population still lives in rural areas (around 67%). Digital India will be successful if it's successful in a rural area but that's not happening soon, still a long way to go. The main challenges are trust-issue and the fear of using the device in the people. They are hardworking people and they don't mind standing in a queue for that banking process which is possible via net-banking if in their mind a slight trust issue is there. So, For now, it's benefiting the urban people but I think if it has to be successful then we have to find a way to educate them about it.

Saima Nasreen:

Digital India is a notion which was introduced by the PM of India after note ban. Earlier it was very strange and rare concept but now it has took unbelievable steps and nowadays not only people of Metropolitian area but people of rural areas are also using it effectively, continuously and day by day new users are adding on it.

First of all, it is a bliss as we get rid from carrying money in our packets and also get relieved from stealing of money. Furthermore, Tax evasion which is undoubtedly one of the main concern which is leading India towards poverty, imbalance of development and unemployment. Through digital transaction our Government is getting all set taxes on each transaction. It has enhanced accuracy and transparency.

On the other hand, every coin has its two sides, so this dogmas is also playing a role here. Most of our country's population lives in rural areas and most of the people are unware of this technology due to the lack of information. India is a massive country and surely it will take a good amount of time to make our country DIGITISED INDIA.

Naveena D:

Good Morning Friends.

According to me, Digital India is more Benefit given to the user. Technology has been developing in day by day. So, peoples are interested to join in digital life. Everything is making for digital life. So digital life is helpful for common peoples and corporate peoples. Digital life is helpful for Children and adults.


Hello everyone.

In my point of view, digital India is more beneficial. Because day by day new technology is developing process. Everyone uses a mobile phone they also updated to whole things and added new future. Digital India helps for the country development.

Ralesh Kumar Khuntia:

Good afternoon everyone. I am Rakesh Kumar Khuntia.

Well, we are here to discuss a very sensitive topic that is Who does it Benefit (Digital India). Well According to my points of view. Literally to make digital India is a great step by Our PM to reduces & stop black money & corporation. & make helps to reduce the time for money transition & a smarter way to working. But also some limitations are there. But fear is that hacking system those peoples belong from rural areas.

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