Apart from television stars, sportspersons are also among the brand ambassadors for various commercial products. This deviates them from their careers sometimes leads to poor performance in their respective sports and also causes a sense of hatred among the sport lovers. But yes, thinking from an Advertising agency point of view, celebrity brand endorsement is a vital part as they use the celebrities for commercializing their product in a large scale so tat they can reach the customers rapidly.

So the brand endorsement using celebrities must be minimized.


Hi friends, celebrity brand endorsement should be avoided. This shows the lack of confidence of the company towards their product. The quality of the product must make the people to buy the product not the celebrity. Instead of using celebrity they have to include the concept in their advertisement which must reach the people's mind. Because of them many modals lose their oppourtunity.

Pankaj Joshi:

According to a business point of view cerebrity attract more attention of custmer toward a product, It is a sure thing that when a product is endorsed by a celebrity it gets more popular and recognition. A product if advertised by a celebrity has more effect on consumers than when it is advertised by a common person. It also related to status symbol of a person because if a person buy a product which endorse by a top cerebrity get more admire in society than other product purchasing.

Arpit Mangal:

The world has now changed we are living in the modern era where people do not uses or purchases the product only because it is endorsed by the celebrities. People now looks for the quality, design and worthwhile etc of the product and not its brand ambassador. For example Yamaha uses brand ambassador john abrahim for promoting its product whereas bajaj do not use any brand ambassador for its promotion but still bajaj has high sales as compared to Yamaha. This shows that more people loves to purchase bajaj bikes as compared to Yamaha. This is because bajaj bikes has good design and quality as compared to Yamaha.

Now a days people uses magazines and other sources of information to gain knowledge of the product that they thought of buying. They compare products through internet before purchasing. Thus people do not purchases the product only because it is endorsed by a celebrities.

Esha Rana:

Well according to my views, that if we look in today's era the people still gets attracted towards all those promotions and advertises that is supported by our popularised and well known celebrities. !

Even though today the people are more educated and know what is better to them but still their mind are make-up in such a way for so long that they are participating in promoting this activity.


Hi friends;.

I would like to say that it is effective strategy of promotion. The main funda of promotion is to make things "communicate". If the product is being communicated by any celebrity some kind related to that product line than it increase the faith and loyalty of consumer for that product.

For example; when sports personalities like Sachin Tendulkar promotes the product like "Boost" and uses the tag line "Boost is the secret of my energy" then people develop the faith and loyalty for that product since it is being advertised by a person who is highly respectable in society.

Similarly beauty product brands when promoted by celebrities or actresses it makes the product worthy in the views of consumers. So I think it is a good way of promotion but company should make sure that any product would not harm in any way the society or consumer welfare.


It is just okay to use celebrities in endorsement because it is one way of publishing the products to be well known. But the people should be knowledgeable enough about the product before they buy.

Amit Gaur:

Good morning to you all. I want to initiate on this topic.

According to me celebrity endorsement of market products should not be given so much hype. Specially the sport persons.

Because in India people just love their sport so they follow the players. The sport persons for much money sometimes endorse products not as good as they should be, so it sometimes creates problems among people.

And secondly in order to get more glamor and money players sometimes forget whats their first priority should be as a player?.

So in my opinion the products should not be endorsed by the celebrities much.

Thanks for giving me such an opportunity.


Good evening to all of you.

According to my point of view celebrity endorsement for the world of advertising is in some way good but overall its not a good idea, especially its about those celebrities who are having a soft corner in public's heart as well as they are being known for their importance in their field of work.

As an example respected Kiran Bedi is advertising for a washing powder for just some sort of money and our Sport players are breaking the records for coming in the advertising world. As we know that they all are stars for different age group people. And in some or other way they are effecting the youths and other age group people. One more example is of beers and alcohol advertisements. So in my view its merely not a good idea.


Hi friends,

Brand ambassador are needed for the few products like food and beverage products. These products cost should be. Low and people will not compare this to any other product in that range. For example Sachin is brand ambassador for boost product n he is having great respect in the society. So, people may think that buying boost because such a great person is using this product and why can't we try? Upto these kind of products, brand ambassador is needed.

Now a days, the educated people and professionals mind set has been changed. If people want to buy mobile or bike or car. , they will compare all the models in the internet within their budget range and selecting the best among them.

For example, sharukh khan one of the famous hero in Bollywood and he is the brand ambassador for Nokia smart phones and for Samsung smart phones, there is no celebrity brand ambassador. But here in India Samsung smart phones sales rate is very high when compare to Nokia smart phones.

My conclusion is that celebrity brand ambassador are needed for few products and needed for the many products which are already successfully running in the market.


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