Rashmi Agarwal:

Hello friends.

I partially agree with this reservation system as it help the low caste people to come forward and show their talent. But reservation has a big disadvantage that is in the name of caste, quality of engineers is decreasing day by day. At least in the field of education the opportunity should be awarded according to the individual score. In the IIT exam the cut off should be same for every student.

Praveen Kumar:

I feel seriously funny reading some of the comments. Reservation System is of no good. Politicians are using this as a tool to get votes. Yes, I do accept the concept of reservations based on 'Economic Status Of a Family'. We all humans have same physical features that nature has given. It is up to us to utilize it and one can't blame their caste/community for this. There are reservations right from the word go (UG admission, PG admission, Govt and Public Sector jobs, Promotions, etc). There's no stopping. At least getting gobs and promotions should be spared from this. This system can sometimes become very demoralizing.


Hi friends.

I agree there is need for reservation. Most of the reserved seats in elite institutes remains vacant. That shows the progress of backward caste. Also no one guarantee that reservation based on financial condition will not be misused. I am proud Indian and believe we Indians will be fist to misuse it. We have high ethics value we are discussing this to remove the reservation because we want opportunity to misuse it.

There are instances where it is being misused. In west Bengal the schools will publish vacancy for certain subjects where its difficult to find the reserved category students. If not found then there is provision to convert the seat to general category. Also can anybody tell me what is the fee for medical education from management quota. Its in Lakhs. So this doctors from private medical colleges are very skilled and competent.


If a less educated person becomes doctor by using reservation, how the life of a patient can be in good condition. Similarly if a reserved person get chance to become pilot, can you think a safe landing of your plane?

So I think reservation should be on basis of financial condition.


No meaning for reservation if it is provided based on caste system. It will bring sweet fruits if it is based on economy of the person.


This is only back step for country dealing with reservation. If one person is ias and his son study in best school and colleges then why he need reservation. The reservation is boom for sc/st and cruse for general category students.


I do not support reservation in jobs, but peoples who don't have enough money to study in good institutions, scholarship has to be given to those, so that they can get admission in good institution and enhance their level and compete with others.

So in my view reservation upto some extent is right in the field of education but that should be on the economic basis, but in jobs there should be no reservation, so that only talented people come in the jobs.



I want present reservation should be changed. Separate & solid basic education be provided to socially & economically backward class to compete with others. Who have availed these benefits for 2 generation be excluded. Only genuine people to get reservation benefits. Student belonging to general merit class be provided seats upto last reserved seats equally.

First seats be allotted to all the meritorious students irrespective of caste|areas. General merits peoples pays huge personal tax in lakhs of crores for national welfare? is gross injustice to deny them seats in higher education.

So abolish reservation do scientific survey before offering reservation. All certificates provided to claim benefits should be counter checked by authorities strictly. Reservation to be provided only on the basis of merit only.



Present reservation system widens the gap between communities & area. Our great constitution granted equal rights to all its citizens. So here I want our supreme court must try to implement it in right spirit of our constitution.

Denying seats to highly meritorious students seats in professional course is violation of basic education rights and it is human rights abuse. Students who have scored much better is denied will leads disappointment. As our judiciary declared that lesser meritorious students need not be given better seats & colleges.


Why only Sc/ST students get reservation? I know India is still developing country, but we can overcome from poverty by giving financial support to backward family but not to their children (if so students becomes lazy).

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