Aneeta Kushwaha:

Good evening.

In my opinion, co-education is that education in which both girls and boys are studies together and its remove hesitation and get confidence.

Sajjad Ali:

In my opinion, co-education makes a good environment. Through it boys says that I have to best then girls and girls says that we have to be best then boys then they improve their education and an other thing that they make their county's name bright.

Jaspreet Kaur:

In my point of view, co-education is very beneficial for us. Because it also increases confidence. In modern era for taking a job in any field so that's why confidence is necessary.

Vempadapu Ramana:

According to me, co-education is very better. Because boys says I have better then girls in education and girls says we are better then boys in education. So in this competition gain the knowledge both girls and boys. This knowledge is used for society. Boys and girls improve the knowledge.


It has many advantages.

1) Gives bigger platform for competition. Both girls and boys on same platform will compete and will get more improved success.

2) Usually, a boy or girl feels it awkward to converse with each other if from early they studied separately so co-education will improve their skills.

3) Boys will learn to respect and to behave properly with girls if from early they studied together.

Prachi Khare Kiot:

In my point of view, co- education is important in the education sector, it gives a platform to remove hesitation and it lead to better understanding of each other behaviour and habits. " Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the word" it is neither for girls nor for boys, this is for both. Co-education gives an opportunity to both gender work together and improve their abilities for the nation in each and every field. Science, art etc.

Surya Bhan:

Good morning one and all.

I am here to speak about coeducation importance there are a great numbers of advantage of coeducation because both girls and boys study together and they are in the business of talking frankly one other as I have seen that if you study in one gender atmoshpher then you are having hard time to talk each other and many more things.

Rahul Kumar:

Co-education is necessary for us because without co-education we can't develop our country more. Co-education is beneficial to achieve nation goal and it removes un-equality from both gender. We should encourage the people for this co-education system.


Co-education helps us to overcome the fear and develops mutual understanding.

Monika Mishra:

Good morning to on and all.

Before discussing co-education I would like to throw some light upon education. What is it? and how is it important fr the society? What are roles of education?

As we know education mainly comes from school onwards. There we gain a lot of knowledges which are useful for our society and for our future goals.

Advantages of co educations.

1, gender-biased system is removed.

2. Good quality of skills, be gained out like for example boldness, confidence, good communication skill, expressive, interpersonal skills, influensive, discrimination system is removed etc,

3. Friendly nature between boys and girls should be there because it is important.

4 coeducation broaden the mentality of the people.

So according to me, coeducation is important of our country for the development and for civilized culture.

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