Vineetha Yannam:

In my point of view, smart cities are no need. It depends on the behaviour of the human when coming to the boys are teasing a girl like that. If there is smart buildings and smart roads there is no use of it without any common sense so if we create a knowledge on that definitely that will become a smart city.


Hello everyone,

No doubt we really need Smart Cities. But smart cities scheme should be implemented on proper and right the time.

I had seen on metro station old age person wants to go up by escalator but he didn't know how to go up. He tried and fell down.

I am not against of Metro but they should get proper education and knowledge. At least, they should know what is that and use it. We are using new technology and people are not aware of it.

Some people should create awareness of new technology with the help of some institute.


I think first we should think about our rural areas where people's doesn't get their basic necessities. First we should make our village smart. And one more thing that government Already has done many things in the city so, I think citizens should be aware of them. Because many people don't know about lots of things.


Friends, first of all we should know the real meaning of smart cities, you know?

The cities which have good networking zone in its area proper transport system well developed and designed railway station, bus stops, airports, establishment of well known MNCS in that particular city, where we can we meet our requirements easily, roads are well developed, ie. Where every rules & regulations are working well, if we have such type of cities then, those cities can be treated as smart cities. We should know the benefits of smart cities -

1. It attracts the tourists from other countries this way currency from various countries is earned and this in good national income.
2. If we have smart cities then other cities also can be developed on the basis of that role model cities.
3 and it is clear to everyone that our country is suffering from unemployment, so there we can create job opportunities. So this is the things and there are many more things that need the smart cities. But there should be smart cities in every state in reasonable ratios. For smart cities, we should have smart thinking and ideas. That's all, dear friends, thanks for reading my opinion.

Pranjal Singh:

You all may be right, but my point of view, firstly, we should develop our rural areas & the behaviour of people if we will succeed to do this, it will automatically happen. Everyman wants to be smart &if our government will help of each person to be smart definitely out city will be smart.

Thank you.

Ashish Gill:

You all may be right, but my point of view, firstly, we should develop our rural areas & the behaviour of people if we will succeed to do this, it will automatically happen.

The government should develop the basic facilities for the rural people.

Aurobinda Behera:

HELLO everyone, I am Aurobinda.

As my point of view, We really need Smart Cities because if a city will be smart its surrounding rural area will be developed.

Because it's offer jobs to youth who belongs to the rural area. If youths of the rural area have a job then they will develop the rural area.

Another point is in a smart city all the man will smart they having the good technical skill and they also educated. The youth who comes from the rural area will learn a technical skill and other good things from the smart city so automatically the rural area will be developed.

The smart city also attracts foreign investor for investing in the smart city by which INDIA's economy will develop.

Sandeep Mishra:

Friends, first we should know that smart city does not mean having luxurious things in the city, smart city means having proper transportation systems like bus stations, railway stations, airports, and good road conditions. And in city there should be proper rules and regulations which should be followed by citizens, and other basic facilities like electricity and water, these cities will work as ideal for other cities and other cities will also try to develop itself, and also in development of smart city, there will be measurable increement in employment, which will be good solution of unemployment in india, and also tourists from other countries will be attracted to these cities, which will increase economy of india, so I think it will be a solution of many problems in India.

Avinash Sharma:

Hi, I'm Avinash Sharma and I have much glad that I had been saying something on this topic about smart cities.

So, according to my point of view, of course we have also need smart cities because their lot works are done very late in our country and to this type of earlier work as at the time of pregnancy of every women whom has facing more difficulties to teach at the hospital due to traffic and unusual way like up down wards roads, for people also facing electric problems in summer season and also a much bigger problem for people which they have given much importance which is networking the servers are going to fail at critical stage for this we have to need smart cities.

Thank you that's all.

Vivek Bansal:

More than smart cities, we need disciplined citizens who care for natural resources, Water conservation, clean environment. Efforts should be made to preserve the Environment first, necessary facilities for the poor class is also essential as against Mindless erecting concrete jungles.

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