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What is One Belt One Road (OBOR) :-

  • OBOR is a China’s project aimed to improve connectivity and cooperation among Eurasian countries.
  • It connects 68 countries and covers about 40% of world’s GDP.
  • OBOR executes infrastructure projects in those connected countries and also improves trade among countries.
  • In the medieval period, there was a silk route from China to other countries, which was used to trade silk. Now, China is reviving this silk road and named it as OBOR.
  • ‘One Belt’ is land route formed by OBOR, called as ‘Silk Road Economic Belt‘. ‘One Road’ is ‘Maritime silk Road‘ formed by ocean route.

Negative impact :-

  • China’s projects of ports, naval bases and surveillance posts in Indian Ocean will encircle India. This is commonly called as “String of Pearls“.
  • “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor” (CPEC)- Flagship project under the mega OBOR initiative, passes through Pak occupied part of Kashmir. This step of China undermines India’s sovereignty as China didn’t take permission from India.
  • China may take control of the developing countries through its investments, this may impact the trade relations between India and these countries.
  • If India joins in OBOR, Chinese companies may supervise the projects in India under OBOR. This will be a minus because Chinese companies may not create employment opportunities for local people and may not care about local developmental needs.

Positive impact :-

  • India’s major drawback is lack of infrastructure. If India partners with OBOR, it can utilize China’s investments and technology to overcome this drawback.
  • If India becomes a part of OBOR, trade relations of India with Eurasian countries will improve.

Conclusion :-

Despite of being encircled by Chinese projects, India is powerful enough to sustain its influence in the world politics. Hence, there is no need to worry about OBOR. But India should be strict in the case of China ignoring India’s sovereignty. By taking advantage of OBOR, India can overcome its major drawback of lack of infrastructure.

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In my opinion, China almost covered India in all corners by ‘string of pearls’ and by extending friendship with China, in one way, the economy will grow in a sustained way and a possible threat by China will not be there. But China is a double game player. Because of China only Pakistan and North Korea have developed nuclear arsenal and threatening India and US. Even the Russians are also with China, India should take a clever stand.


I don’t think India can support obor just for the infrastructure development it is going to give our country .then we also may face the same problem like srilanka by loosing our sovereignty.jai hind…

Rajnikant Kushwaha:

I think india should not have to take part in this, although it was good for some trade relationship with other countriees and good for covering some of our drawbacks but the main thing is that china is trying to encircle INDIA with string of pearls,and if INDIA take part in it,it was one step closer of being encirled by CHINA


In my opinion the project OBOR us great initiative by PRC / China…and many nations joining them is also good thing….Russia gas given complete support even wants to link EEU CIRIDOR with OBOR…
I have complete support …the only thing I want to mention that let there be maximum involvement state run financial houses I mean state govt funded projects and less involvement if corporates and making it more based on SOCIALIST ECONOMIC model rather than making it game of super rich world imperialist corporate houses, and oligarchs….


Priority is the safety of our nation and if there is a pin size possibility that china can harm our country by OBOR then INDIA should not be a part of it because for development of any country the very first concern is safety.

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