Pronunciation: vol-yuh-buhl

The dictionary definitions for voluble are as follows:

1) Someone characterised by a prepared and incessant flow of speech

2) Someone fluent/smooth with words

3) Loquacious/talkative person

4) Something turning easily on axis (old usage)

Master tip to learn voluble:

Voluble can be learnt by associating it with the word volume, as the first half of both the words .i.e. ‘volu’ is similar. Also, person having a huge volume of words in his/her repertoire is voluble.

Voluble can be used in the following ways:

1) He is a voluble man. (Adjective)

2) His volubility makes him the right man for this job. (Noun)

3) Volubleness in a person is always required when dealing with people. (Noun)

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