Etymologically, seethe means to boil. So, whenever you see water boiling on a stove and bubbles forming, it means it is seething.

Seethe carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. To churn and foam as if boiling.
2. To be in a state of turmoil or ferment: The nation seethed with suppressed revolutionary activity.
3. To be violently excited or agitated: I seethed with anger over the insult.

Masters Tip to remember Seethe:

Image of a boiling/seething water kettle should be enough to learn this word, shouldn’t it?

Usage examples for  Seethe:
1. His story reveals tensions that seethe just below the surface in China and how the Chinese workers view with contempt the owners of the industries they work in.
2. Ramon’s aides continued to seethe at what they perceived to be vilification at the hands of Bush administration.

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