Its first usage dates back to 1225 and is an old French word. It comes from the Latin word periculum, which means an attempt to danger. Peri, the root, which means to try has been supplemented with the suffix ‘culum’.

Pronunciation: peruhl

The dictionary definitions for peril are as follows:

1) Looming danger
2)  Something that causes harm
3) Prone/ Exposure to harm or danger

1) To expose to danger/harm

Master tip to learn peril:
Peril can be easily learnt while associating it with the word perish. Yes, it sounds alike, but also can be associated with each other in terms of meaning, as a peril task could easily perish (end) a person .i.e. end person’s life.

Peril can be used in the following ways:
1) They had avoided the peril of undertaking such a task in the beginning, but eventually it haunted them till the end. (Noun)
2) His life was in peril when he decided to cross that wooden bridge. (Noun)
3) The side effects of pesticides have been imperilling/periling the crops. (Verb)
4) It was a perilous task/situation. (Adjective)
5) He was perilously close to falling off the chair. (Adverb)

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