1. Having or characterized by luxuriant vegetation
2. Abundant; plentiful, Extremely productive.
3. Over elaborate or extravagant: lush rhetoric.
4. Extremely pleasing to the senses, succulent and fleshy
5. A heavy drinker, especially an alcoholic

Lush can be remembered by associating it with a picture of green field full of big & beautiful trees on both sides, the path is laden with flowers & you love the scent of green surrounding both sides.
Further, you can imagine yourself in an extravagant party being hosted by you, every one’s enjoying & thanking you for throwing such a lush get together.

1. The countryside is lush, with rolling hills, and tea bushes nestled under verdant green trees.
2. But today, both the lush landscape and indigenous medical knowledge are disappearing.
3. Set on the lush forest moon of Pandora.

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