Well, that system of law, the whole complex structure on which the institution of judiciary is based is referred to as Jurisprudence.

Jurisprudence is not only limited to law. It can refer to any set of laws in any given facet of society.

The dictionary definitions for Jurisprudence are as follows:
1. the science or philosophy of law. (noun)
2. a body or system of laws. (noun)
3. a department of law. (noun)
4. Civil Law. decisions of courts, esp. of reviewing tribunals. (noun)

Masters Tip to remember Jurisprudence:
Just remember Jurisprudence= Jury + Prudence
Prudence is one’s good sense, and our if we take jury to be the symbolic equivalent of law, then our word basically equates to law’s good sense.
And remember, law’s good sense can also be found in the gavel of a judge, and when he passes the order, we look forward to his jurisprudence.

Usage Examples for Jurisprudence:
1. Stephen Smith joined the School of Law in 2003 and teaches Jurisprudence and Law and Medicine.
2. The courts are still developing the jurisprudence on this issue of gay marriages.

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