Intrepid is a very easy word when it comes to is meaning: without any fear.
Intrepid is a tricky word, when it comes to usage. It can be used both in a positive context as well as a negative one. Like in the word poster above, intrepid is used for one of the most reviled terrorists of the world: his actions at least trued to show he was fearless. The positive aspect of intrepid can be seen below.

The dictionary definitions for Intrepid are as follows:
1. Resolutely brave; fearless (adjective)

Masters Tip to remember INTREPID:

The image that comes to my mind for Intrepid: SUPER-HEREOS.
None are as intrepid as they are.
Do you know any such characters?

Usage Examples for Intrepid:

1. Intrepid people are hard to find, what you do find are cowards aplenty.
2. Intrepid citizens are needed to challenge the nepotism and high-handedness of any corrupt government.

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