Origin of Imprudent
1350-1400, Imprudent is derived from the latin word impr?dent- (stem of impr?d?ns ) meaning rash, unforeseen.

1. Not showing care for the consequences of an action; rash
2. Lacking wise self-restraint

To be imprudent means lacking self-restraint when it would be wise to have it, like that time you started dancing on the table during a math test. Remember that? Everybody else does. That awkward situation could have been avoided if you had not been imprudent.

1. Bad luck compounding imprudent decisions, his career was over, a half-dozen years after his showdown with James.
2. But the fever continued, aggravated, it is said, by violent exercise, and an imprudent indulgence in alcohol.
3. But these unpleasant things must happen so long as men are imprudent and women over anxious.
4. The boy was imprudent, of course; but then, he was very young.”
5. But a marriage at that time would have been too imprudent a thing to be thought of, and so they parted.

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