You are just not disturbed by absolutely anything at all in this world!
In case, the whole world around you might come tumbling down yet you remain at peace and in a calm state, you are definitely one of the most imperturbable people on this planet.

1. Not easily worried or upset by a difficult situation (formal);
2. Calm

IMPERTURBABLE, break it as I-M-NOT-PERTURBED (disturbed). A person who is not easily disturbed by things and stays calm is imperturbable. As simple and easy as it can be…!!!
You can also relate it with ‘keep calm’ t-shirts that keep floating around you: all these t-shirts are asking you not to be perturbed.

1. She handles all the tasks imperturbably with the perfect temperament and poise.
2. Although the firm was going in loses, the manager looked imperturbable towards it.

Synonyms: assured, complacent, composed, dis-impassioned, immovable, nonchalant, sedate, self-satisfied, smug, stoical, thick-skinned, tranquil, unaffected, unflappable, unruffled
Antonyms: excitable, irritable, jittery, touchy

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