Pronunciation: feluhn

The dictionary definitions for are as follows:
1) A person who has committed a crime
2) Archaic usage as a Noun: An impious person
3) Archaic usage as adjective: evil and deceitful
4) Felon also means an infection at the end of a finger or the toe around the nail

Master tip to lean :
If we break the word (fel-on) it can be read as ‘fell on’. And, in a way we can read t as, a felon fell on a stone. Looking at it, a is already a fallen person (from his morals by committing a crime).

can be used in the following ways:
1) On Tuesday he was a convicted for kidnapping a young boy. (Noun)
2) He is a man. (wicked or a criminal). (Adjective)
3) of his character spelled his doom. (Noun)
4) He won the game . (Adverb)

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