Coming from the Latin word ‘fall?ci?sus’, this word means exactly what it looks like: deceptive or misleading. Its resemblance with the word false is natural, both come from the same root.

Fallacious arguments are false ones, and their difference from deceptive ones is that the latter may not be intentional but the former are for sure. In a way, it’s being deceptive on purpose.

1. Logically unsound
2. Deceptive or misleading
3. Disappointing; delusive

Got to learn this word? One simple tip:
fallacious = false!
As simple as that!

1. Its fallacious to state that India is a true Democracy
2. The Sales Manager’s fallacious address to his seniors came as a serious blow to his credibility.
3. Many analysts have called Neil Armstrong’s moon mission fallacious and dotted with scientific inconsistencies.

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