As the picture displays, a small, often private space, such as a pigeonhole is referred to as a cubbyhole. Should not be used as a defaming cuss for fat people!

The dictionary definitions for Cubbyhole are as follows:
1. A small enclosed space or room. (noun)
2. Any small compartment, such as a pigeonhole (noun)

Masters tips for Cubbyhole:
To remember this word, break it into two easy words:
Cubby: or crumby, meaning a small pathetic and breaking down state,
Hole: A small opening or passage. Thus cubbyhole is a crumby, little space.

Do not confuse cubby as chubby, as chubby would refer to something fat or large, an antonym of the cubbyhole.

Usage examples for Cubbyhole:
1. The cubbyhole hostel room is just perfect for the little boy.
2. Back in her cubbyhole of an office, Nina sat down at her desk.

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