P.s: It is very convenient to backpedal according to the situation.

Dictionary Definitions for Backpedal:
1. To move the pedals of a bicycle or similar vehicle backward, especially to apply a brake. (verb)
2. To move backward by taking short quick steps, as in boxing or football. (verb)
3. To retreat or withdraw from a position or attitude. (verb)

Masters Tip to remember Backpedal:
Just like these innovative circus artists do in their acts.

Usage Examples for Backpedal:
1. Turkey initially rejected the idea of any NATO military intervention in Libya, but has since appeared to backpedal as events on the ground changed and it found itself diplomatically isolated. — The Wall Street Journal, “Turkey Nudges Gadhafi Regime
2. In the resulting uproar, Fimian was forced to backpedal and apologize for what he called “a horrible choice of words.” — The Washington Post, “In Arizona, packing heat didnt work”

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