1. Severely simple; without ornament; not extravagant or gaudy
2. Without excess, ease or luxury
3. Rigorously self-disciplined and strictly moral

The meaning of the word austere is pretty easy to recall as it rhymes with severe, which is also the meaning of austere. Just imagine a situation: severely austere! What kind of austerity would be this be? One that takes simplicity and renunciation to an all-together different dimension. It would means a lifestyles where frugality would be the norm. This situation (though unintentionally) is often induced in society by the wretched hands of poverty. If only this could be avoided by mankind..:(

1. His manner and swagger were both austere and organized.
2. The headmistress was an austere old woman.
3. They lived an austere life in the country.

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