Asunder carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. Into separate parts or pieces.
2. Apart from each other either in position or in direction.

Master tips for Asunder:
Well, let’s learn this word through a funny piece:
When something is under your ASS, that is ASS-UNDER, you are surely meant to break it into pieces, it will be broken asunder.

Usage examples of Asunder:
1. “Many of the white people in those provinces take little or no care of negro marriages; and when negroes marry after their own way, some make so little account of those marriages that with views of outward interest they often part men from their wives by selling them far asunder, which is common when estates are sold by executors at vendue.” –

2. “Or, as we read it, shall cut him asunder, that is, part body and soul, send the body to the grave to be a prey for worms, and the soul to hell to be a prey for devils, and there is the sinner cut asunder.”-

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