Pronunciation: ajuhl, -ahyl

The dictionary definitions for agile are as follows:
1) Quick in movement
2) An active person
3) An ability to think quickly

Master tip to learn agile:
Agile can be easily learnt by picturing a runner, running in a hurdle race. The runner is quick and well coordinated in his movements.  Also, he quickly finishes the race and actively builds strategies to pass the hurdles.

Agile can be used in following ways:
1) She is an agile girl, as she is a gold medal winner in 500 meters race. (Adjective)
2) She agilely sprinted her way to the other end of the town. (Adverb)
3) Her agileness has won her many accolades in the field of running. (Noun)
4) Her agileness of mind has made her what she is today. (Noun)
5) She is mentally agile. (Adjective)

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