Many of us would have had some contact with the banking systems, or we must have read about interests (simple or compound), loans etc.

We will keep our explanation of the word very simple: when you deposit money in a bank account, and keep it there in safekeeping, a certain sum of money is added to it (known as the interest income). Well, that is the money that has been accrued to your sum of money, in other words it is the money that has been added to your parent sum. This is what this word is all about: the addition or natural growth of money, property or any even intangible emotion.

The dictionary definitions for accrue are as follows:
1. To happen or result as a natural growth, addition, etc. (verb)
2. To be added as a matter of periodic gain or advantage, as interest on money. (verb)
3.  Law : To become a present and enforceable right or demand. (verb)

Masters Tip to remember Accrue:

Just imagine a person whose simple calling in life has been to collect money, add on it as much as he can. Or as our picture shows below, imagine the money lord: the one who accrues money!

Usage Examples for Accrue:
1.  How do you think my meager savings can accrue any interest of value?
2.  From the interest accrued by a life of honesty one can reap rewards in heaven.

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