Pronunciation: uhkawrd

The dictionary definitions for accord are as follows:
1) To cause a person to agree with something.
2) To grant something to a person that is his/her due
3) To bequeath/confer/bestow upon

Is a Noun when it is used as the following:
1) To act in harmony with
2) To reach a compromise or a settlement
3) To take an action voluntarily

Master tip to learn accord:
Accord can be easily learnt while associating it with the word afford, as it has a similar sound and also positive connotations. Accord connotes harmony and so does afford, as not affording something leads to a conflict in mind and not harmony.

Accord can be used in following ways:
1) Regular punishments made him accord with the rules laid down by the system. (Verb)
2) He was accorded with the duty of President, which was his due for the last four years. (Verb)
3) He accorded his wife with all the love. (Verb)
4) These colours accord (Harmonize) with each other. (Noun)
5) Priyanka and Swati accorded (reached a compromise) on the last point in the charter. (Noun)
6) They sent relief to the village on their own accord. (Noun)

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