About Mental Maths

Mental Maths is the ability of a person to make calculations mentally, i.e. in mind, without the need of paper and pen. For e.g. A person good at mental maths should be able to solve the equation like 245 + 287 or 23 * 11 within the brain without the need of paper and pen.

The Mental Maths Challenge

Do you think that you are good at mental maths? Why not take the mental maths challenge? This challenge has no age limit and we bet you will only benefit from this game. Click on the 'Start' button to start the challenge.

Mental Maths Challenge


Select level

  • Hard

    Score : 5 Points per question

    Time : 2 seconds per question

  • Medium

    Score : 3 Points per question

    Time : 3 seconds per question

  • Easy

    Score : 1 Point per question

    Time : 4 seconds per question



* Only best top score of a user is considered for leaderboard

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